Frequently Asked Questions

Most students have an array of questions regarding essay writing companies before placing their first orders. Here are the answers to some of the most common ones.

  1. Why Should I Read Reviews before I Order A Paper Online?

The main reason why you should read reviews before you place an order online is that there are numerous essay writing companies on the Internet – some of them are legit, while others are not. That’s why it’s contraindicated to pick the first website that appears in your Google search results. Scam companies advertise themselves as being reputable, as well – and the safest way of knowing which the best sites for essay writing are is by reading reviews. These reviews outline the company’s expertise, the preparation of the writers, and the overall quality of the papers, as well as other important details.

  1. What Steps Do You Follow for Reviewing Essay Companies?

Our reviews are the result of research – we always look for as much information we can find about a company’s background and experience. Afterward, we aim at checking its reliability. And a way of doing that is by placing ourselves in the shoes of a student. That is to say, we order a paper from the firms that present themselves as the best websites for essay writing, to determine if their claims are truthful or not. In many instances, what appeared to be the best website for essay writing was the exact opposite.

  1. How Do You Pick the Companies to Review?

There aren’t any fixed rules we follow when it comes to picking out the companies we review. We try to be ahead of the game by continually researching the market. So, when we notice that a new company has been established, we aim at reviewing it, in order to assist students.

At the same time, we receive numerous recommendations from students that are clueless regarding what makes the best paper writing service. So, if you are particularly interested in a specific company, feel free to contact us. Our goal is to review the companies that students are most likely to choose – that’s why we always consider our readers’ recommendations.

  1. Do You Recommend Affordable or Expensive Essay Writing Companies?

An essay writing company’s prices are of utmost importance for most students. That’s primarily because the majority of students are on a tight budget, and they cannot afford to spend a small fortune on an essay. Nonetheless, we advise against picking the cheapest writing service on the market. In lines with our experience in the domain, we can assure you that the cheapest services don’t offer the best assistance. It simply means that the writers are poorly paid, which means they are less motivated to deliver an excellent work. Writers that have Ph.D. and Master’s degrees don’t work for low prices. On the other side, the most expensive companies aren’t as professional as one might expect. That’s why our advice would be choosing the companies whose prices fall in the average range.