About me

Before graduating from college, I would get an overflowing amount of questions regarding what I was going to do next. Of course, it is normal to get this sort of questions. Nonetheless, to be honest, all that these questions did was to confuse me.

That’s why I took the time to analyze my passions and my interests. I knew that I didn’t want to embrace a profession that didn’t appeal to me. I also wanted to help others, since I am the empathic type of person. But, ultimately, I wanted to have a career that combined my wish to help others with my passion for writing.

I get asked a lot why I am so keen on writing. If only I could pick one reason – as there are many worth noting. For one thing, I express myself best in writing, since I am an introvert. It was difficult for me to accept the fact that I am an introvert. I used to look up to extroverts, and the ease with which they would communicate with others, and I wanted that too. But I realized that I can communicate with others through writing, and this wasn’t a flaw, but a strong point.

Also, through writing, I managed to get to know myself better. Life is a journey, and every step of the way shapes us, to some extent or another. So, after sharing this with you, I believe you can anticipate why I chose to write. Creative writing was my first choice. However, in time, I expanded my horizons and I took up college essay writing, as well.

As I started to interact with more people from this industry, I noticed that there are top quality essay writing services out there, and, on the other side, there are scammers. The mere thought that students looking for the best-rated essay writing service might end up with a poorly written paper troubled me. That’s why I took a career change and started focusing on reviewing top essay websites, and non-legit websites, as well.

Ultimately, I knew that students are likely to look for top rated essay writing websites because they will need help, at some point or another. And getting help from a professional makes much more sense than asking a colleague to help. Many a time, classmates are reluctant to help each other – for one thing, the academic assignments are complex. And secondly, completing one takes up a lot of time.

And I believe this is the main aspect that makes students seek academic help – the lack of time. Each assignment asks a lot of one’s free time. Every student knows that research cannot be conducted in a few hours. So, for all the students out there who are feeling guilty about looking for expert help online – don’t – there’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all need help at some point or another. I hope that you’ll find the reviews on this website helpful. Essentially, the reason why you can trust them is that they are unbiased and well-researched.

Thanks for stopping by!